4 months of pure…

Our little BS turned 4 months (five days ago)! What have those first 4 months been like? Well… they’ve been:



Not in a dangerous way! For example, we tried rice cereal out the other day because BS loves to eat and Erin can’t keep up. It was a mess, and I’m sure it’ll only get worse when she starts using the spoon herself.


It’s funny how you can stare at a baby for hours, and just watch their funny faces and how they discover things like their fingers. You would never do that to a grown person. And if you did, I’m sure you’d be considered a real creeper. Or just really odd.


Completely in the physical sense. Ever since she started daycare, we have been constantly rotating sore throats and colds! Someone should invent a humidifier that pumps out sanitizer mist and throw it in the middle of a the daycare.


Oh the things we do to try to get a baby to smile or laugh… crazy! Someday, I’m going to strap my GoPro on Reese’s head so people can watch what they do to get her to smile :)


Yes, I said restful. We put her down around 8 each night, and I have to wake her up at 7 to get her ready for daycare. Everyone keeps telling us our second child won’t be the same, as if they wish agony upon us… but we will prove them wrong. Someday. In the very distant future. Very. Distant.


Reese likes to party. And by party, I mean do anything and go anywhere we want, and she enjoys it. I’m sure some parents slow down once they have their first kid; we have not. If anything, we’ve sped up, and Reese is always up for the ride.


Reese is ALWAYS happy. It’s rare she has a “bad” day… whatever a bad day could actually be for a baby. So no matter how crappy my day was, when I get home from work she greets me with her happy smile. And no matter how rough or short my night was, she always wakes up laughing. I can’t help but feel the same way!

For those interested, she was 14 pounds (59th percentile) and 26 inches (100th percentile) at her checkup last week. She’s healthy and growing fast! Hopefully she keeps it up and scores a college basketball scholarship :)

Be well my friends. – Justin

Dear dads – Embrace being called “the dad”

This one goes out to all my fellow new dads.

If there’s one thing you constantly pick up on when becoming a new parent (dad to be more specific)… it’s being called out as “the dad”. And trust me, you will get it everywhere. You will get it at work… you will get it when you’re with a group of friends… you’ll even get it from your new mom. Being called a dad isn’t bad at all… but being a brand new title, it comes across with mixed feelings.

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10 things you learn after the 1st month of parenting


It’s been one month since BS was born! That’s “Baby Sessink” to you noobies, and Reese Elizabeth to others.

I’ve thought about all that I’ve learned in the past month, and thought I’d share ten things that I’ve learned and experienced in this short time. If you’re a parent, you (hopefully) agree! If you’re yet to be a parent, consider these a heads up :)

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Week 40 – Say WHAAAAAT

photo.PNGHello everyone. I was pretty confident that my last post was going to be it before BS came to be… but… here we are, still waiting!

The official due date is this coming Thursday, May 29th. Erin starting to dilate (sorry if that’s TMI – get over it), so we know we’re close. A lot of people have told us that the first kid comes late… which, at this point, is not what Erin wants. If I were a pregnant woman, I would describe the last two weeks of pregnancy as “OK, my back hurts and this is getting old, get the hell out”. Based upon my observations :))

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Daddy Update – Time to get serious – Week 36

Week 36 (as of tomorrow) update here from the soon-to-be dad. It’s about to get real. Holy cow… holy baby, more like it. Erin36weeks1

It’s that time where the baby showers are done… diaper party is over… our friends’ and families’ share of excitement has subdued… and it’s getting close to D-day; or as I like to call it, BS-day!

My friend Jon recently put this whole thing into a new perspective for me. He and his wife had their first child several weeks ago (congrats! Zane is super cool). He told me that when his wife went into labor, he realized that within 12-24 hours… he was going to become a dad. Now think about that… you could almost compare that to knowing when you’re going to die (minus the complete morbidity it sounds like)… it puts your whole life into a new perspective! As of right now… Erin and I know that this baby girl could come at ANY MOMENT. And when those contractions start, it’s like having a glimpse into the future.

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4 Years Together

Today marks mine and Erin’s 4 year anniversary. Crazy to think it’s already been that long! If you include the time we also dated, it’s been over 10 years. Wow!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments from the past four years. Check out the gallery below. Next year, it’ll probably be full of baby photos!

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Daddy Update – Week 33 – Belly Animation + Diaper Party!

Hello hello.

Week 33 here. It’s crazy how fast this has all gone! Word on the street is that 40 weeks is preferred, so less than 2 months until BS comes out. Someone Erin knows was due a week before us, and she just popped out her child. Crazy to think something like that could happen to us. Are we ready for that? Uhm……

We attended a birthing class on Saturday morning. It was about as fun as the runs. When they asked “what could you live without during pregnancy”, Erin and I joked about answering “this class” – haha! I didn’t respond that way… which is a sign I’m already being a “good dad”… maybe.

Erin has grown/not grown/hasn’t gained a pound/can’t tell you have a belly!?… a lot over the past 33 weeks (I never know what I can safely say :)). See the below animation. Pretty cool!

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Daddy Update – Week 30 – Name Hint!


Father of BS here. Week 30 check-in. We are in the home-stretch – trimester #3!

erin30weeksErin’s bump continues to grow. She’s the hottest momma-to-be ;). BS continues to move and kick throughout the day. She kicks so hard that I can even feel it while laying in bed. It’s quite impressive for a 3.2 pound human inside another human (according to this app).

The constant uncomfortableness is definitely kicking in full force. She wakes me up every freaking hour!!! Oh wait… nice things :). When we’re relaxing on the couch, changing positions every 10 minutes is common. OUR ability to sleep more than 2 hours straight has been limited by the tossing and turning, and bathroom breaks. And at this rate, I’m going to develop arthritis and carpal tunnel from all the massaging.

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