4 Years Together

Today marks mine and Erin’s 4 year anniversary. Crazy to think it’s already been that long! If you include the time we also dated, it’s been over 10 years. Wow!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments from the past four years. Check out the gallery below. Next year, it’ll probably be full of baby photos!

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Daddy Update – Week 33 – Belly Animation + Diaper Party!

Hello hello.

Week 33 here. It’s crazy how fast this has all gone! Word on the street is that 40 weeks is preferred, so less than 2 months until BS comes out. Someone Erin knows was due a week before us, and she just popped out her child. Crazy to think something like that could happen to us. Are we ready for that? Uhm……

We attended a birthing class on Saturday morning. It was about as fun as the runs. When they asked “what could you live without during pregnancy”, Erin and I joked about answering “this class” – haha! I didn’t respond that way… which is a sign I’m already being a “good dad”… maybe.

Erin has grown/not grown/hasn’t gained a pound/can’t tell you have a belly!?… a lot over the past 33 weeks (I never know what I can safely say :)). See the below animation. Pretty cool!

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Daddy Update – Week 30 – Name Hint!


Father of BS here. Week 30 check-in. We are in the home-stretch – trimester #3!

erin30weeksErin’s bump continues to grow. She’s the hottest momma-to-be ;). BS continues to move and kick throughout the day. She kicks so hard that I can even feel it while laying in bed. It’s quite impressive for a 3.2 pound human inside another human (according to this app).

The constant uncomfortableness is definitely kicking in full force. She wakes me up every freaking hour!!! Oh wait… nice things :). When we’re relaxing on the couch, changing positions every 10 minutes is common. OUR ability to sleep more than 2 hours straight has been limited by the tossing and turning, and bathroom breaks. And at this rate, I’m going to develop arthritis and carpal tunnel from all the massaging.

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Daddy Update – Baby Shower Recap

Hey y’all.

Probably the ‘girliest’ post yet… but thought I’d share what our lovely moms threw for us this weekend. Again… thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to our moms!

Baby shower was at the Bavarian Inn, in Frankenmuth. While a longer drive for us, it was a good location for all of our family, and a nice small town with plenty to do. We welcomed our guests, had their famous chicken dinner for lunch, and then began the gift opening.

Our moms went way overboard with decorating and ideas. Owls have somehow become the theme for BS. We had owls in plenty of gifts, diaper-owl center pieces for the tables, and a whole lot more. My mom made custom chocolate bar packaging which was cool too.

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Pacific Coast Highway Roadtrip

Seeing as how my wife is due at the end of May, we wanted to take one last vacation before our lives forever change. But… where do you go in the middle of January with a pregnant wife? After a lot of research, I came up with a 9 day road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway; something I’ve always wanted to do.

We started our trip in San Diego, and ended in San Francisco. We met friends along the way, enjoyed a blend of tourist sights and hidden gems, and saw some of the best sights in the country. I decided to document all of our favorite things along the way, so that someday I can hopefully help another expecting couple enjoy a great vacation before birth!


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The Daddy Update – Baby Registry

Hello again.

20 weeks + a few days now. The day has finally come… we are heading out today to build our baby registry. I’m guessing this will be quite different from our wedding registry, where I was able to sneak in a few secret scans for myself (I just had to have that office chair massager). Today will be filled crazy tiny wardrobe items, toys, diaper bags and a whole lot of pink. However, anything with a guitar on it will be scanned!

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19 weeks – The Daddy Update

Hola family and friends. Just a quick update on the female bun in the oven!

The morning/afternoon/evening sickness has pretty much gone away, thank God! Erin’s energy is even starting to come back to normal. Typical 2nd trimester changes from what we understand. However, her funneled appetite of non-meat, fruit preferred meals has not changed.¬†We are still going very vegan due to her heightened senses… which as a guy, kinda blows… but hey, compromise and sacrifice, right? :)

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