16 month update – aka 7 month delay


Well… will “I’m sorry” make up for 7 months of silence??

Probably. Since I have limited readership, and you’re all likely Facebook friends anyway :)

First off… I want to dedicate this post to the intelligence of “16 month old Reese”. Her behaviors and personality impressed me so much tonight, that it was the impetus and ambition for this post. Lets start with now and work backwards… Continue reading

Daddy Update – 9 months – Vacation Video!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 3.33.19 PM

Wow… I suck at keeping up with this blog.

Reese just turned 9 months! It’s amazing how quickly time flies, and how it goes even faster once you have a kid.

To celebrate, we decided to take a little mini vacation… primarily because mommy and daddy needed some time away from the day-to-day. We took Reese to the same place we took her when she was still in Erin’s belly… Southern Cali! Continue reading

Daddy update – 6 months – Sometimes it’s the small things

Tonight I got excited about the fact BS can sit up on her own. Especially when she’s in the bathtub (aka kitchen sink for now)!

After a while (we forgot to take a 6 month pic – sorry), it’s often easy to overlook the progress of a new life, especially as a new parent. She still can’t talk, can’t walk or crawl, she shits herself (multicolored thanks to baby food), and can’t eat without help. To someone without kids… sounds about the same as the first week, right? Continue reading

A day in the life of Reese @ 5 months

Hi everyone – Reese here!

Sorry my dad has been tardy on writing his blog posts, I suppose it’s somewhat my fault (sorry dad, love ya). I don’t consider myself “needy”… but definitely can’t do… pretty much anything on my own. Except poop through my PJs – I have become an expert there. You can also check rolling over off the list – just learned that a few months ago.

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4 months of pure…

Our little BS turned 4 months (five days ago)! What have those first 4 months been like? Well… they’ve been:



Not in a dangerous way! For example, we tried rice cereal out the other day because BS loves to eat and Erin can’t keep up. It was a mess, and I’m sure it’ll only get worse when she starts using the spoon herself.


It’s funny how you can stare at a baby for hours, and just watch their funny faces and how they discover things like their fingers. You would never do that to a grown person. And if you did, I’m sure you’d be considered a real creeper. Or just really odd. Continue reading

Dear dads – Embrace being called “the dad”

This one goes out to all my fellow new dads.

If there’s one thing you constantly pick up on when becoming a new parent (dad to be more specific)… it’s being called out as “the dad”. And trust me, you will get it everywhere. You will get it at work… you will get it when you’re with a group of friends… you’ll even get it from your new mom. Being called a dad isn’t bad at all… but being a brand new title, it comes across with mixed feelings.

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10 things you learn after the 1st month of parenting


It’s been one month since BS was born! That’s “Baby Sessink” to you noobies, and Reese Elizabeth to others.

I’ve thought about all that I’ve learned in the past month, and thought I’d share ten things that I’ve learned and experienced in this short time. If you’re a parent, you (hopefully) agree! If you’re yet to be a parent, consider these a heads up :)

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