10 things you learn after the 1st month of parenting

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It’s been one month since BS was born! That’s “Baby Sessink” to you noobies, and Reese Elizabeth to others.

I’ve thought about all that I’ve learned in the past month, and thought I’d share ten things that I’ve learned and experienced in this short time. If you’re a parent, you (hopefully) agree! If you’re yet to be a parent, consider these a heads up :)

10. You will underestimate the number of newborn diapers you need. We threw a diaper party and intentionally asked for larger sizes, as we figured we’d only  need a case or so of newborns. WRONG. Make sure you have a few hundred of them… as you put a new one on every few hours.

9. Your well-being becomes much less important. The days of being asked “how was your weekend”? soon turn into “how’s the baby doing??”. Soon to be parents… lets hope you don’t have self esteem issues.

8. It takes 10 times longer to make a simple trip outside of the house. Picking up a gallon of milk (or case of beer) at the store down the road used to take minutes. Now it involves a fresh diaper change, travel-friendly clothes, wrestling the baby into the car seat, loading and unloading… you get the picture. Hope you’re the patient kind, and if not… better start learning!

7. You get an upgraded sense of smell. You can’t usually smell pee… unless you ate asparagus for dinner… but now you can spot it in seconds. It’s a new skill. Resume worthy?

6. You’ll see more boob than ever before. Nuff said

5. You master the art of one-armed tasks. Holding the baby is near constant, so just pretend you got one arm amputated before your first baby for training.

4. You said things wouldn’t change, but they do. I will admit to this one. I said I’d go out just as much, work out the same amount, etc etc etc. It’s definitely not a complete 180, but things aren’t the same. Parents to be… don’t fool yourself going in, plan ahead and be realistic.

3. You will miss your freedom. You might read that and say “how awful”… but you must not be a parent. Having a newborn is a big adjustment, and you often miss how easy it was to do whatever you wanted. And I’m not just talking about going out with friends… even the simple things. Try telling your wife you want to go for a quick jog after work when she’s been with the baby for 9 hours… GOOD LUCK :)

2. You truly realize how unimportant some things are. While #3 and #4 may sound like downers… this offsets it 200%. No matter how stressful my day is, when I come home, I realize that the stress of work and life is overrated, and ultimately pointless. Nothing is more important than this new family, and the stress instantly goes away. I actually get bummed if she’s sleeping when I get home, and I can’t wait until she wakes up!

1. You fall in love, all over again. My wife is the love of my life, but there’s two girls that now have my heart… and when she turns 13, my wallet.

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