16 month update – aka 7 month delay

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Well… will “I’m sorry” make up for 7 months of silence??

Probably. Since I have limited readership, and you’re all likely Facebook friends anyway :)

First off… I want to dedicate this post to the intelligence of “16 month old Reese”. Her behaviors and personality impressed me so much tonight, that it was the impetus and ambition for this post. Lets start with now and work backwards…

Right now, as I type this, Reese (aka BS for you long time readers) is cuddled up next to me… pacifier in-mouth… blanket in-reese_sessinkarms… head on my shoulder… watching baby cartoons. Now, you might be thinking… what kind of dad is online while hanging out with his daughter!? And… how can you stand baby cartoons!?!? Well… the kind of dad who gets to enjoy this privilege every night! So, it’s just fine that I spend this time online :)

Prior to this, BS took her usual evening bath with her various foam toys and ducks. I can’t describe our interactions in words… because it’s amazing that in only 16 months, she has this much of a personality and sense of humor! She holds her duck in front of her for me to grab… only when I try to grab it, she pulls away, laughs, and sticks her tongue out. Insane! (by the way future-reading Reese… you’re kind of mean!)

She needed a bath from the multiple evening meals she consumed. She loves eating apples… for no other reason than looking ‘cool’… but then it’s real dinner time in her seat… followed by the post-dinner-dinner when Erin and I actually try to eat our own meals… only to have Reese eat them for us. Family dining must take place on the floor so she has access to our plates.

And prior to all this… in short… Reese is all about routines. Which is nice… because I’ve finally found out how to make at least one female happy :)

I scratch her back to get the wake up process going… followed by breakfast together (banana for dad… and Poptart/donut/fruit/toast for Ms. high maintenance)… followed by the multiple shoe changes for daycare… and hand-wave goodbye at daycare. She does this every day, which is both amazing and inspiring in the most simple way.

So that’s that. Even though it’s been 7 months… I can’t write much more than this. So there :)



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