17 Weeks Pregnant – The Daddy Update

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As part of my new blog adventure, I felt writing about the upcoming biggest change in my life was appropriate. So… here’s my first update on being a dad (or… soon to be dad :))

Baby Sessink (BS, as he/she has been nicknamed already) is already 17 weeks along. It’s crazy to think we’re going to be parents next spring, and kind of scary to be honest!

This is our first child, and the pregnancy definitely caught us by surprise. It wasn’t planned, but it wasn’t prevented. Erin and I are both relatively new into our careers, and we’ve traveled quite a bit in our first three years of marriage. We were happy with that, and planned on having kids about a year or two from now, but… I believe things happen for a reason, and also from slight lack of prevention – haha. We know BS is going to bring quite the change!

So… what’s it like so far?


Well, it involves a lot of meat-less dinners (Erin can’t stand the taste of meats now), unfortunate frequent hugs with the toilet (Erin, not me), and.. apparently.. I have constant bad breath (thank you extreme sense of smell). Erin’s first trimester was definitely on the extreme side in terms of symptoms. She’s just begun the second trimester, and we were hoping these awful things would be done with… but, I think we have a few weeks left. Tonight being one of those nights; I had to make dessert for a potluck dinner tomorrow while Erin dealt with her symptoms. Take a look at my no-bake failure (pic to the right).

Most of the time, I feel helpless. That tough girl sees patients, on her feet, for 10 hours a day… while I sit my ass at a desk and in meetings. I usually get home first, and selfishly head to the gym for a workout. She loves working out too, but often doesn’t have the energy to even get ready. Dinner becomes the worst chore, so we often eat like college students. And finally… she often beats grandma to bed with an 8:30 pass-out on the couch.

Erin17weeksAll of this might sound awful, but let me tell you… I am SO excited for what this means, and I know Erin is too (she’s already asleep so she can’t confirm :)). The first trimester of our first child is kicking our (Erin’s) butt… however, BS has a strong, healthy heartbeat… and is going to be a great addition to this world (grandma Sandi is especially excited!). Besides… look how beautiful my wife looks so far (left). She’s going to be the cutest mom in the world – be jealous!

Stay tuned for frequent updates, and follow along!

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3 thoughts on “17 Weeks Pregnant – The Daddy Update

  1. Congrats to you guys! This is such a fun way to document this huge change in your lives. And you are right, Erin does look super cute! :). Hoping that she starts feeling better soon, and I’m looking forward to more updates from your point of view.

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