19 weeks – The Daddy Update

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Hola family and friends. Just a quick update on the female bun in the oven!

The morning/afternoon/evening sickness has pretty much gone away, thank God! Erin’s energy is even starting to come back to normal. Typical 2nd trimester changes from what we understand. However, her funneled appetite of non-meat, fruit preferred meals has not changed.¬†We are still going very vegan due to her heightened senses… which as a guy, kinda blows… but hey, compromise and sacrifice, right? :)


Ultrasound went well, although we did have it done as early as possible; so, we go back in February for a second one. Doc wants to see the baby a bit larger to make sure everything is developing well, since the baby was so small the first time.

I finalized our last vacation as non-parents! We leave for a 9 day California road trip in a couple weeks. We are driving the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco. Something we’ve both always wanted to do, and the perfect pregnancy vacation. I will, of course, make one of my video recaps for everyone to enjoy.

Erin is starting to show now. I plan on taking a photo next week for week #20 and sharing an update. She’s so small… so it’s crazy to see something popping out!

That’s all for now folks, happy new year!

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