Let my 19 month old influence your 2016 resolution

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Happy New Year! Ok… so lets start with this…

If you haven’t seen my video about the most annoying sound in the world, well here it is:

That video is a bit old, as Reese is now 19 months old… but the noise she makes is just as current. If you’re a parent, you know that sound gets old REAL fast. It changes tone and cadence over time, but remains the ultimate source for the evening headache. You do everything in your power to change that sound to something different… a laugh… words… gibberish… or even silence. The easiest solution is the pacifier. That simple piece of rubber works wonders. We have plans to take it away when she turns 2, and we pray we’re strong enough when the time comes.

ReeseSessinkAs annoying as that is… it’s opened my eyes to how that sound morphs overtime into adulthood. Something that’s become more obvious now than I’m a parent. Don’t know what I’m talking about? The adult version of that sound can also be referred to as complaining, whining, and the classic bitching.

Now don’t get me wrong… we all deal with crap from day to day, and things like work, money, chores, etc. all bring stress to one’s life. I’m certainly guilty of it. But unlike Reese who makes that sound because that’s all her developed brain really knows what to do at this point… we’re in control of our attitude.

So to keep this short, let my daughter influence your New Year’s resolution this 2016 like it will mine. The next time you’re about to complain to someone about whatever it is you want to complain about, just remember the sound from that video. Let it haunt you. It’s what we sound like!

Happy New year :)


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