A day in the life of Reese @ 5 months

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Hi everyone – Reese here!

Sorry my dad has been tardy on writing his blog posts, I suppose it’s somewhat my fault (sorry dad, love ya). I don’t consider myself “needy”… but definitely can’t do… pretty much anything on my own. Except poop through my PJs – I have become an expert there. You can also check rolling over off the list – just learned that a few months ago.

It’s crazy to think I’m already five and a half months old! Time is flying by. Before you know it, I’ll be crawling, eating solid foods… I feel so old. My parents are keeping me young though; I’m always out and about! Just last week, I was crying with all the other babies at daycare, and they were crying that their parents don’t even go out to eat anymore. In my five months of life, I’ve been to Chicago, relaxed at the beach over the summer, went tubing in Leelanau, was a cheerleader for mom and dad’s flag football team… I go downtown with mom and dad all the time (Founders is my favorite)… and I love it! I never ever get upset, unless I’m hungry, but that’s easy to take care of.


My day to day has become pretty routine. I usually wake up while dad’s in the shower. He tries to get up early to get stuff done, but I’d rather have him spend time with me (call it the princess in me). He changes me, feeds me and plays for a while. Some days I can tell he’s running behind because he doesn’t do any of that… but I don’t get upset. Then he throws me in my car seat and we head off to daycare.


Dad knows I love daycare because every time he drops me off I’m smiling like crazy. I have lots of fun with Martha and the other girls. The girls always fight over who gets to take care of me – I just show them my cute smile and watch them argue, it’s fun! We play, do special activities to help me learn and get stronger, and spend lots of time cuddling. The other kids have given me their colds a few times, but I’m tough and recover quickly.

After that, mom comes and picks me up! I usually pass out on the way home from my long day of playing. When I wake up, dads home and he and mom are fighting for who takes me out of the crib… once again proving how dangerous my smile is :)

Our evenings are always a blast. I jump in my bouncer… which is my absolute favorite. I also pig out multiple times. Mom’s been giving me new types of foods to try out. I haven’t turned down one yet; I’ll eat anything! Then as the night winds down, I get my bath and cuddle with the rents. I usually fall asleep while watching Jimmy Fallon or Shark Tank (we hate Kevin!). I know my parents like their sleep, so out of respect for them I usually go down at 8pm and wake up with dad around 6:30.


So that’s that. These first five months haven’t been too shabby. I’m digging this whole being alive thing! Hopefully my dad quits slacking off on his blog updates so I don’t feel so obligated to keep everyone up to speed on things. Make sure you give him some crap for me. I’ll be sure to send you my updates from time to time as well.

Until next time,
(I figure that’s my name because that’s all anyone calls me)

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