Boy or girl? You guess!

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Today is the big day!

So… I was a bit off on my weeks in my first post. Erin was only 16 weeks along or so. Tomorrow kicks off week 18, and we should be far enough along to determine what BS (baby Sessink) will be! We head in at lunch to get the ultrasound.

It’s kind of like being a kid… when you have this awesome Christmas gift sitting in front of you from Santa, and you had no idea what could be underneath the wrapping paper, and all you wanted to do was tear it open. It’s the definition of surprise! But then you turn 18 or so, and you can pretty much predict every Christmas gift… clothes, money, gift cards, socks from grandma, etc.

Now, I don’t really want to tear Erin open, thankfully we have technology to see what’s under that wrapping paper… but the best part about this Christmas is we’re like kids getting that surprise all over again!

We will be sharing the news, but unfortunately most of you will have to wait until later this week. Sorry, parents get the privilege of knowing first! Feel free to guess, I have my own opinion on what BS will be :)

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