Cute DIY Custom Baby Calendar

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Every Christmas (and by that I mean the past three), Erin and I come up with something we can make and give to family as gifts. Coasters have been on the list, Erin’s made scarves… but this year, with the blessing of Reese, we decided to make a custom baby calendar.

Reese is now almost 7 months, but we shot these photos a few months ago. It was before she could sit up on her own, which made things a bit more challenging.

Take a little theme creativity.. plus a decent DSLR camera.. and some basic Photoshop skills… and VOILA. Baby calendar!

januaryErin took the first photo, as I wanted to be sure to photobomb at least one of them.

February All you need are some big cutout letters to make this month. Valentines day inspired.

March filtered

Definitely more Photoshop involvement here. Or did we actually find the perfect hill in Ireland?…



Just some colored sheets and simple props here!



Same simple sheets and props for May as well. Very light color adjustment for April & May in Photoshop.



White on white on white. Confetti was a simple addition in Photoshop afterward. Be sure to remove the flash reflection from the balloons!



The second heavily Photoshopped image. As mentioned, Reese couldn’t sit up, so she’s actually falling backwards in this photo. Erin only allowed two takes at this one :)



No, we did not Photoshop her at all. She placed that arm back behind her head like a pro. But yes… she is Photoshopped onto a beautiful beach.



My favorite shot. Simple color and light balancing in Photoshop. Everything else was just time of day and shot angle



A tricky shot. She’s really sitting in that pumpkin. Photoshopped into my mom’s front yard decorations. (It was a bit too cold to do that shot for real in October)



Gobble Gobble



December also doubled as our Christmas cards. Simple black backdrop and lighting effects in Photoshop.


Hope you enjoy and are inspired! Leave a comment if you like it!


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