Daddy update – 6 months – Sometimes it’s the small things

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Tonight I got excited about the fact BS can sit up on her own. Especially when she’s in the bathtub (aka kitchen sink for now)!

After a whileĀ (we forgot to take a 6 month pic – sorry), it’s often easy to overlook the progress of a new life, especially as a new parent. She still can’t talk, can’t walk or crawl, she shits herself (multicolored thanks to baby food), and can’t eat without help. To someone without kids… sounds about the same as the first week, right?

IMG_3214.JPGBut then you see her sitting up in the bath… all on her own… playing with that dumb yellow duck. She smiles at you eye to eye, as she enjoys the warm comfy water, and acknowledges the sound of her own splashing hands. She’ll then fart, only to giggle at herself.

Being 28, I often overlook the beauty of simply learning something new. As one ages and is exposed to more and more, it becomes regular… often expected… and disregarded.

And then you see a person who was born half a year ago demonstrate traits we all do every day… physical strength, joy, playfulness, humor…

It’s an easy reminder of how simple our lives are meant to be, and to appreciate every step in life.

Go Reese!



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