Daddy Update – A Whole New World

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Hello my friends!!

It’s been a while. I kept writing post after post, thinking BS would show her face… but she took her sweet time. Lazy like her dad, I suppose. 9 days after the due date, she was finally ready… and on Friday June 6th, we welcomed BS into the world!

Meet – Reese Elizabeth Sessink


By the time I left for work that morning, I knew we’d be having a baby – I could just tell. Erin woke up saying that she was feeling contractions, and they were a bit uncomfortable. Nothing awful, so I decided to go to work. By 9:00, she called me in a whole lot of pain… telling me it was time to go. We were in a big marketing town hall meeting at work, so everyone saw me leaving, which immediately resulted in several “good luck!” texts – even they knew.

I darted home as quick as I could, picked up Erin and our bags, and left for the hospital. Half way there, we made a quick stop…

Because we got pulled over.

Going 60 in a 45 construction zone is not good… but the officer quickly realized what was going on when he got to my window (thank you God for a big contraction right at that moment!). He let us go right away. We later joked… I had darted between several cars, then they watched me get pulled over, and THEN I did it to them again. I wonder what they thought about me. Ha.

We got to the hospital, and they monitored Erin for a couple hours… only to decide she wasn’t quite ready to pop BS out, so they sent us home. After staying at home for only an hour, Erin couldn’t take the pain anymore, so we decided to go back. Good thing, because she was dilated to almost 7 (for my baby-less guy friends out there, that means go-time).

A few hours later, and after a whole lot of screaming, I became a dad.

The whole day was a whirlwind. It was a mixture of excitement, anxiety and nerves… but at the same time, we were both very calm (pain aside). I did my best to support Erin through the journey, but she quickly let me know she just wanted space… so I became a happy spectator. She didn’t plan on pain meds, and she stuck to that plan. I was honestly impressed. It was interesting to watch… because at a certain point during delivery, the pain was so strong that I felt like Erin went into some kind of shock… you could tell that nothing anyone said was registering, and you could see it in her eyes. Plus… I enjoyed looking north more than looking south!

And now… she’s 9 days old!

10373515_10102320725744018_2636856982229899939_nIt’s already an adjustment, but a good one. We usually get out of the house more, and we’ve been cooped up a bit more this week, which is totally cool. We did venture out and get newborn photos done. We’ve seen a few, and already LOVE them. Check out Simply Newborn’s page to see some samples. And today we went to the lake for some grilling and to show Reese the beach. She slept through the whole thing :)

Speaking of sleep, never take it for granted.

Alrighty folks, I’ll stop boring you, and this is only a fraction of the crazy week. This marks the beginning of a new journey, and one I plan on sharing along the way. I’m so glad Reese gets such a great group of family and friends to grow up with. Cheers!



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