Daddy Update – Baby Shower Recap

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Hey y’all.

Probably the ‘girliest’ post yet… but thought I’d share what our lovely moms threw for us this weekend. Again… thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to our moms!

Baby shower was at the Bavarian Inn, in Frankenmuth. While a longer drive for us, it was a good location for all of our family, and a nice small town with plenty to do. We welcomed our guests, had their famous chicken dinner for lunch, and then began the gift opening.

Our moms went way overboard with decorating and ideas. Owls have somehow become the theme for BS. We had owls in plenty of gifts, diaper-owl center pieces for the tables, and a whole lot more. My mom made custom chocolate bar packaging which was cool too.

Erin and I both hate when we’re the center of attention. But lucky for me… all the guys went downstairs to the new bar for a few beers while Erin opened gifts! We got an overwhelming amount of stuff, and we’re both so grateful to have awesome family and friends.

We ALMOST got everything home in the car. Couldn’t fit that one last car seat and bag, but we’ll get them soon enough. Baby’s room is coming together more and more each week!

Take a look at the photos below from the day!


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