Daddy Update – Week 27 – Holy Kicks!

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Hello world.

Week 27 kicked off a few days ago! We have officially landed on a name for BS. Erin and I both brainstormed, and I came up with Gertrude and Ursula. As you can imagine, we did not go with either of those names (and was kidding of course). We will be keeping the name a secret ’til she pops out, so quit asking!

The biggest change these past three weeks is the movement! She’s now big enough for Erin to really start feeling the kicking around, and boy does she move A LOT. Our typical evening these past few weeks is watching tv on the couch, and staring at Erin’s belly watching the crazy limbs press out. It’s a cool feeling being able to feel your daughter moving around in there; kind of weird too. I still get a bit freaked out when I feel a big one.

Baby shower is next weekend. Crib came in today (thanks mom!) and we’re getting ready for the baby overhaul our home is about to get. Thanks in advance to anyone reading this who has gifted or plans on attending the shower! I will also be hosting a diaper party sometime late April… more details to come, but am excited. Never thought the reason to throw a kegger would be to collect diapers… oh well, still sounds fun!

We’ve also been looking at old baby photos to see who BS looks more like. I think it’s a toss up at this point. Who do you think she looks more like? Leave a comment below!

My photo comparison on the left, Erin is on the right

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4 thoughts on “Daddy Update – Week 27 – Holy Kicks!

    • Justin – even though you are very cute – I hope she looks like her mom – Love you both ( & the new little one too! )

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