Daddy Update – Week 30 – Name Hint!

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Father of BS here. Week 30 check-in. We are in the home-stretch – trimester #3!

erin30weeksErin’s bump continues to grow. She’s the hottest momma-to-be ;). BS continues to move and kick throughout the day. She kicks so hard that I can even feel it while laying in bed. It’s quite impressive for a 3.2 pound human inside another human (according to this app).

The constant uncomfortableness is definitely kicking in full force. She wakes me up every freaking hour!!! Oh wait… nice things :). When we’re relaxing on the couch, changing positions every 10 minutes is common. OUR ability to sleep more than 2 hours straight has been limited by the tossing and turning, and bathroom breaks. And at this rate, I’m going to develop arthritis and carpal tunnel from all the massaging.

Just kidding… I don’t massage her that much, so quit smacking your husband while you read this :).

We had our friends Nick and Diana over this weekend to watch Gravity (great movie by the way). Diana is due in 11 days, and it’s crazy to think we’ll be in a similar position in a matter of weeks! She’s doing great, and we’re really excited for them.

We’ve gotten BS’s room nearly complete. Take a peek below. Erin and her mom painted the chevron wall (very impressive). The rest of the furniture and decor is mainly from Target, Hobby Lobby, and Changing Thymes (the dresser). It was green when we bought it, and we painted it to match the rest of the room.

You’ll also notice a significant hint to the future name of BS… ;). Taking your bets on the name. Comment below. You’ll all lose.


Peace out homies.


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5 thoughts on “Daddy Update – Week 30 – Name Hint!

  1. The Jurek household is going with the name Riley, Rylee, Ryleigh :) which ever way you decide to spell it. Love you :)

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