Daddy Update – Time to get serious – Week 36

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Week 36 (as of tomorrow) update here from the soon-to-be dad. It’s about to get real. Holy cow… holy baby, more like it. Erin36weeks1

It’s that time where the baby showers are done… diaper party is over… our friends’ and families’ share of excitement has subdued… and it’s getting close to D-day; or as I like to call it, BS-day!

My friend Jon recently put this whole thing into a new perspective for me. He and his wife had their first child several weeks ago (congrats! Zane is super cool). He told me that when his wife went into labor, he realized that within 12-24 hours… he was going to become a dad. Now think about that… you could almost compare that to knowing when you’re going to die (minus the complete morbidity it sounds like)… it puts your whole life into a new perspective! As of right now… Erin and I know that this baby girl could come at ANY MOMENT. And when those contractions start, it’s like having a glimpse into the future.

I’m scared – not going to lie. It’s finally hit me that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing (or going to do). But after talking to dozens of parents… I know that they once said the same same thing. I find comfort in knowing that the unknown of parenting is normal.

MeandErin36weeksErin is hanging in there, and I give her props. She often has to sit down, just to give the body a chance to catch up from normal activity… like standing up. HAHA. We read that the baby is now the size of a large cantaloupe. So, naturally, I held a cantaloupe in front of my belly at Meijer the other day, and instantly realized how awful that would be 24/7. Erin is up xx pounds… she won’t let me say… but it’s less than 20 (told you she was the hottest mom to be ;). The bitching about my shin splints is petty compared to shoving a human in my torso… (I’m training for a half-marathon).

This may be my last post before BS is born. I hope to share one more update prior, but I cannot promise it. I look forward to sharing my new path of fatherhood with you all, and I hope that you all follow along.





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