Dear dads – Embrace being called “the dad”

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This one goes out to all my fellow new dads.

If there’s one thing you constantly pick up on when becoming a new parent (dad to be more specific)… it’s being called out as “the dad”. And trust me, you will get it everywhere. You will get it at work… you will get it when you’re with a group of friends… you’ll even get it from your new mom. Being called a dad isn’t bad at all… but being a brand new title, it comes across with mixed feelings.

Inside… you know it’s not a bad thing at all; you’re just not sure how to take it.

Oh, and for any ladies reading this, don’t take offense as you read on :)

10373515_10102320725744018_2636856982229899939_nA few things change once you become a father. For one… you become less likely to be invited out for a night out. It is logical, since you have a baby human to care for… but you’ll feel like all your friends got new phones and lost your number. Granted, you probably will, and want, to stay at home to care for your new family… but your friends automatically assume you’re a no-go. You’re happy at home, but it’s knowing you’re not getting those texts that hits you.

You also apparently become super conservative, and play by the rules. I hate titles, and suddenly I’ve become very conservative and a “rule follower”. Why should my whole outlook on rules and moral change just because I’m a father? Especially, when inside… I know nothing has changed. If anything, becoming a father has made me much more judgmental and critical. But, you’ll feel like this all changes once you become a dad.

Lastly… for my fellow “millennial” friends… since when did becoming parents feel so young? Again, I hate titles… but it has been deemed the one for my generation. But, why do I feel so out of place being a 28 year old father? Does anyone else feel like they have more single friends than married friends? On top of that… married friends who are parents? Which baffles me most… why do I spend more time hanging out with my single friends, rather than my fellow parent friends?

Bottom line is… becoming a dad is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And while half of this post is questions over advice, I don’t really care. I love my friends… I love my new daughter… and I love my new family. You’ll pickup onJustinSessink comments from those who aren’t parents, and they’ll catch your ear; and for good reason… they’re brand new to you.

For a while… you’ll take slight offense to them, and they’ll irritate you. And then finally… one day… you realize you’re more glad to hear them than ever before. You have something they don’t.

– Justin (going deep tonight)

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