The Daddy Update – Baby Registry

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Hello again.

20 weeks + a few days now. The day has finally come… we are heading out today to build our baby registry. I’m guessing this will be quite different from our wedding registry, where I was able to sneak in a few secret scans for myself (I just had to have that office chair massager). Today will be filled crazy tiny wardrobe items, toys, diaper bags and a whole lot of pink. However, anything with a guitar on it will be scanned!

This morning, we saw one of the owners of our gym cleaning equipment up with her young granddaughter. She commented that she’s “training her young”. Erin responded to me with “that’s what I’ll be teaching our daughter too so she doesn’t end up like you!” Saturday mornings will soon consist of TWO women cleaning up the house and complaining about me… but I’ll love it!


Erin is doing well. She’s finally starting to show a little, check it out!

She had her first noticeable growing pain and discomfort this week. Baby is apparently the size of a banana from what she’s read. I hate bananas, but that’s pretty cool. We’re finally starting to eat meats and food with spices again, THANK GOD. Senses are back to (about) normal, and most of the nausea and fatigue has worn off.

We take off for our California road trip in less than a week! We’re super excited, and we just landed taping tickets to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!! He only has a few weeks before Fallon takes over, so we’re super excited about that.

I suppose that’s all of now. Wish us luck!

Adios –

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