Daddy Update – Week 33 – Belly Animation + Diaper Party!

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Hello hello.

Week 33 here. It’s crazy how fast this has all gone! Word on the street is that 40 weeks is preferred, so less than 2 months until BS comes out. Someone Erin knows was due a week before us, and she just popped out her child. Crazy to think something like that could happen to us. Are we ready for that? Uhm……

We attended a birthing class on Saturday morning. It was about as fun as the runs. When they asked “what could you live without during pregnancy”, Erin and I joked about answering “this class” – haha! I didn’t respond that way… which is a sign I’m already being a “good dad”… maybe.

Erin has grown/not grown/hasn’t gained a pound/can’t tell you have a belly!?… a lot over the past 33 weeks (I never know what I can safely say :)). See the below animation. Pretty cool!



We threw a diaper party Saturday evening, and it was a huge success. If you don’t know what one is, it’s basically a kegger… and to get your cup, you must bring diapers! We had about 30 guests throughout the night, and we received A LOT of diapers. Thank you to all who came, and to those who gave us diapers even though you couldn’t make it! We grilled out, had plenty of snacks, and polished off a keg of beer (pony size – not in college anymore). Here are a few images from the night.

Only a few weeks left! Until then…


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One thought on “Daddy Update – Week 33 – Belly Animation + Diaper Party!

  1. Birthing class, I am pretty sure Jesse and I left ours early so I could watch a Duke game. No joke, no class can prepare you for childbirth, just learn as you go!

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