Circle is not the new Facebook… it’s the new Circle

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This past spring (when there wasn’t 10 inches of snow on the ground), I had an app idea. It was one of those “big picture” ideas that I had no clue how to pursue. My idea was a new kind of social app… one that allows us constantly online folk… to find things to do offline.

Sessink Circle

Well it turns out… I wasn’t the only one with this crazy idea. This week, I discovered the Circle app. It’s been out since early this year, but only with recent updates the past few months has it taken off, and is now one of the top 5 free apps in the App Store.

Circle lives up to everything I wanted my app to be… it’s hyper-localized, it gives me the flexibility on what types of content to find, and it brings a fresh new design flare to the ever growing stale social media app category. But when you turn on the “random” tag feed, you’re bombarded with dozens of comments by social laggards… all echoing the same question…”what is this… the new Facebook?”.

People who think Circle is “the new Facebook” are probably the same people who think Twitter is stupid. They think Facebook is the only social media network… and every other is just trying to replace it. Probably the same people who type a URL into a Google search field too :)

Ok ok… enough harassing. Lets talk about what makes Circle great.

In my opinion, Circle is really going to have the biggest following by those who use Foursquare. Foursquare users inherently learned the contextual value of location based services. Foursquare doesn’t show you information hundreds of miles away… in fact it doesn’t even show you information a mile away – that’s because

what’s most important to you at a given moment is what’s right next to you.

Circle attempts (successfully in my opinion) to take this to the next level by letting you discover content around you… organized by tags. Tags include posts by friends, events in your immediate area, nightlight, recommendations and more. If all you want to do is find something to do downtown tonight… just apply the nightlife filter. If you only care about your friends, just keep the friend tag on. You get the picture.

Adoption means everything in the social app space… but when an app picks up, it takes off. Just look at Snapchat and Whatsapp. I hope people are ready for, and catch on, to the idea of Circle… because it’s really what we’re all looking for. We all want to find things to do, and we all complain that Facebook is half ads, and half posts by people we friended four years ago; so, check out Circle and let me know what you think!

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